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Re: Purity Audio Basis mkII preamplifier tour
« Reply #15 on: August 26, 2012, 08:12:40 PM »
It sounds like your preamp design is a parafeed design, utilizing both caps and transformers similiar to the designs of Supratek.

Nope...not quite. I did try a parafeed circuit when we were designing the Purity Series product but in the end, it did not sound as good as what we have now. When we had Electra-Print design our transformers, Jack did not even understand how we came up with the design or how it worked. Our circuit is very unique as well as our power supply design. We then incorporated these theories into the Basis 2.2 Years later using the 6SN7. The Basis mkII is the only model that does not use this unique output circuit as we don't use any output transformers in this one.

We must be doing something right considering how many reviewers have purchased their review pieces. Even Dick Olsher loved the unit and recommended it for preamp of the year in TAS (even though it did not end up with that title). We were happy none the less.  :D
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